Hoteliers and restaurateurs, discover our unique hybrid technology (Cloud and Local).
Our experience guarantees you value for money and excellent service,
so you can concentrate on your business, with a clear head.

A complete software solution


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Our PMS (XNUMX), POS (XNUMX) solutions and applications cover a very large part of the hotel business and interact with each other in perfect harmony.

Unique hybrid
To simplify everything

IT, the pillar of your establishment.
It is on this concept that we have built this new technology,
to ensure greater autonomy and our common success.


We deploy this expertise in all countries, with 7/24 assistance, aiming for excellent service provided by our highly qualified professionals.

Close to hoteliers

Consisting of pioneers and geeks, all passionate about IT, chosen and picked from the best hotels and hotel management schools to guarantee you highly functional solutions and to have the pleasure to serve you.

100% Europe, in 4 languages

Our software solutions are developed in France, which allow quick and precise exchange between our Research and Development department and a leading market.


Your data is hybrid, stored in real time in your company and in the Data Center, ensuring security and autonomy.

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Whether your establishment is a 400 or 14 room hotel ,a restaurant or a bar, ask us, we will cover all requirements and needs.
Since 1988 we have been evolving and developing 1400 establishments 
helping them use the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry.

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