This technology, originating from the industrial sector consists in ensuring
the highest possible availability of your digital information,
by anticipating possible failures that could alter it.

How does it work ?

  • All computer data entered by your establishment is saved on the local server first and it is also sent over the Internet in real time, to be stored in the Cloud data center.

  • On the other hand, all data entered over the internet is stored first in the Cloud data center, and sent over the internet to your local server in real time.


  • Your data is saved automatically and in real time in two different places, including your establishment.

  • You work simultaneously locally and on the internet, without worrying about other users.

  • You will not experience sluggishness or Internet shutdowns, since you are working on your local data, benefiting from the power of your own hardware.

  • If the hotel server computer goes down, you can use any other workstation on the web, with the data being reproduced in the Cloud.

  • The user interface is exactly the same between the local version or over the Internet.

  • The access authorizations provided for users in the establishment can be made different from those provided for internet access.

  • In the hotel, the program can communicate with technologies at your base point, access control, telephony, home automation, robotics, points of sale, etc. Thus, our partners will have different interfacing possibilities locally or in the Cloud.

  • You will never be in an IT emergency; you can always have the assurance of uninterrupted working environment , which can lead to significant savings.

  • The originality and efficiency of hybrid technology applied to the hotel industry has enabled us to obtain substantial funding from the French innovation tax credit (crédit impot innovation).

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