The first function of PMS Medialog

is to gather the reservation data ...

Accompanying your customers, from the start of their reservation until after their departure and checkout.
This process of data gathering is very automated, you can set it up step by step at your own pace.

  • Automatic reservation integration, emails exchanged, check-in tablet, online pre-checking and prepayments.
  • Automated recording of official documents and activation of services upon customer arrival, telephone access control, home automation, robotics…
  • In order to avoid double entries and allow smooth transfers, the establishment can open accounts in different profit centers.
  • Sending the invoice by email followed by a payment link before departure.
  • An intuitive user interface with a well-designed architecture allows you to manually gather and manage what is not yet automated.

The second function

is to secure your data and make it available in real time ...

  • Thanks to our unique hybrid technology, we guarantee the highest possible availability of information and total openness, all in complete security.

The third function

is to provide information with easy-to-read presentation on your monitors and screens...

  • A user friendly meticulously designed system for all hotel services, accounting reports, as well as numerous configurable and extractable editions in Excel, PDF or RST files. Very precise reports for quick reading and understanding, but also a complete history of operations, allowing you to retrace everything.

The fourth function

is infinite, thanks to our REST APIs * …

All digital companies in the hotel industry can interface their program with our PMS, utilizing the data we have but also enhancing it.
This limitless marketplace ensures that you enrich your PMS, year after year with products from innovative partners who can customize their expertise on a wide variety of related fields : Distribution, accounting, concierge, e-satisfaction, e-payment, pricing, statistics, robotics, artificial intelligence , communication, access control, home automation, etc …
*(Application Programming Interface Representational Stat Transfer)

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