Whether you manage a starred restaurant, food truck, bar, pop-up store or a boutique, Our POS adapts to these needs to give you ease of use and optimal speed of execution for a flawless service.

POS Medialog can be adapted on multiple hardware devices.

A user-friendly interface for a smoother experience

  • Intuitive and easy to learn by everyone

  • Clear touch screen to combine performance and control

  • You can customize your interface to better reflect your business

  • Follow the evolution of your services from anywhere in the world

  • Stay more productive with both fixed and on the move management

Issue the bill and get paid and free the table

  • Send orders to the various production points
  • Generate the bill based on the customer's request: divide, separate, split payments and products
  • Print the bills of all your fixed or mobile points of sale
  • Centralize sales from other profit centers (restaurants, bars, shops) with those of your hotel and give your customer a single invoice
  • Consolidate the turnover of your various profit centers, restaurants, bars and shops with your Medialog Hotel PMS

Fixed or mobile, provide fast service everywhere

Whether customers are at the restaurant, the bar or on the terrace, always offer them a perfect service...

  • If your establishment is on several levels, with a bar section on the ground floor and the kitchen on the first floor… ensure ordering, dispatch and follow-ups efficiently
  • Be able to properly welcome your clients by taking orders on mobile devices and providing them with a faster and more efficient service
  • Avoid unnecessary trips by taking orders at the table, serving your customers faster and with less hassle
  • Streamline the service ; automatically send orders to various production points, bar, kitchen
  • Plan and classify purchase orders to reduce the waiting time with a simplified order receipt reading
  • More than a cash register, Medialog POS is a communication tool between restaurant, kitchen and your customers to simplify everything

A local & Cloud cash register system,

to secure and simplify everything with a larger output.

  • Hybrid, your data is synchronized in the Cloud, in real time

  • Multilingual POS software in desktop, touch screen and mobile versions

  • Modular screens according to your specific needs

  • Secure access by badge or user card

  • POS system with multi desks and multi profit centers

  • Integrates perfectly with all hardware devices , Windows and MACoX

  • A technological platform connected to your PMS

Modify your information without blocking the service

  • Update your establishment's information at any time without interrupting the service or disturbing users
  • Manage your stocks, update the menus, the prices, all in real time
  • Benefit from a complete and streamlined product stock management
  • Modify the menus as you go and as you want
  • Securely maintain control over accounts receivable, customer files and your reports from the Cloud

- A point of sale Hybrid Cloud & Local POS -
- Accessible by Internet -
- Technology made in France -

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